FORTAGEN vs. Whey Protein – What’s Better?

I’m enjoying the use of FORTAGEN for my workout and diet regimen. Whey protein doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I am looking for a better alternative using the FORTAGEN supplement.

This all started when a friend of mine sent me a news article about how many common whey protein supplements have unhealthy ingredients. For example, these supplement manufacturers use refined sugar to improve the taste of the protein. In addition, some of these products have traces of heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury.

The FDA leaves it up to manufacturers to evaluate the safety and labeling of products. As a result, there’s no way to know if a protein powder contains what manufacturers claim. That’s very scary to know! Who can you trust?

Lucky for me, Jaquish Biomedical (the makers of X3) is selling a whey protein alternative that’s safer and healthier for your body.

There’s a ton of great reviews on FORTAGEN so I wanted to do my own investigating. I looked into the research that support FORTAGEN and why it is better and more effective than whey protein.

Here’s what I found…

PROTEIN USAGE: Whey protein has less than 20% anabolic usage by the body. In other words, approximately 8 out of every 10 grams of whey protein that you consume may NOT be used for its intended purpose. FORTAGEN uses nearly 100% anabolic usage. This means that nearly all the amino acids in FORTAGEN will allow the body to synthesize and supply adequate protein. It’s the highest protein nutritional value in the world.

CALORIES: Most protein powders have over 120 calories in just one serving. FORTAGEN is literally only 4 calories so you’ll minimize your caloric intake but still get a minimum amount of protein. FORTAGEN makes this process really easy.

DIGESTION TIME: This specifically appeals to me. I have issues digesting milk-based products well. This is why my stomach randomly hurts after I drink my whey protein shake. I have to immediately run to the bathroom! I’ve read it that takes 3-6 hours for your body to fully digest whey protein. Unlike whey protein, FORTAGEN takes under 30 minutes to digest. As a result, you shuttle protein into your muscles faster so you can recover quicker. FORTAGEN has a fruity clean taste that mixes well. It’s definitely easy on the stomach.

INGREDIENTS: Besides having better quality ingredients for digestion and muscle utilization, FORTAGEN is vegan friendly, fat-free, sugar-free, sodium-free, and preservative-free. You certainly can’t find these types of ingredients in whey protein supplements!

PRICE: I’ve seen some high end whey proteins cost $4 to $5 a serving. At only $2.50 a serving, FORTAGEN is half the cost and way better for you. Also, where else would you get 50g of protein for $2.50? You certainly can’t get that for a nice piece of steak or fish!

Ditch your bottle of whey protein in favor of FORTAGEN. Get ready to experience a better way of nutrition.

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