Getting Stronger & Using Heavier Weight with X3Bar

Over the last 3 weeks, I have been getting stronger and using heavier weight with X3Bar. I have moved up to stronger bands for some of the exercises. I am definitely getting stronger much faster by using X3 instead of free weights.

Since I started, I’ve been following the 12 Week Program. In the X3 program, Dr. John Jaquish (the creator of X3Bar), provides you valuable tips and advice to maximize your strength gains and doing so in the most safest manner. I’ve also noticed a few pointers along the way. His videos are extremely helpful and I would recommend them to anyone who is following the program.

TIP #1 – No Slippery Surface: When increasing the weight, you want to make sure the ground plate isn’t on slippery surface. You do not want to slip on the ground plate. When you do more weight, you may use more force and power to lift the weight as you normally would. So you probably won’t be as stable and balanced as doing lighter weight when you first start off. Over time, your body will adapt to this heavier weight and it becomes easier. However, an easy way to avoid slipping on the ground plate is to make sure the floor is dry. I typically do X3 on my wooden floor in my living room. I always want to examine the spot I put the ground plate on to make sure the surface is entirely dry and won’t slip.

TIP #2 – Use Constant Tension: In order to effectively go heavier, you should continue using constant tension throughout the movement. In order to get proper stimulation using X3 Bar, you should never let your elbows lock out. If you lock out the elbows then you will put them in a hyperextended state. This results in overextending the joints, which can put you at a higher risk for injury. In other words, you want to keep a slight bend in your arms at all times. It keeps the tension on the muscles, and doesn’t transfer the weight to your joints. You need healthy joints and stronger muscles to go heavier. That’s why constant tension is key here.

TIP #3 – The Right Type of Nutrition – I just started using FORTAGEN, which is an amino acid supplement 5X more efficient than standard protein sources. It was created by Jaquish Biomedical, who also created X3 Bar. For example, whey protein has about 18% anabolic usage, meaning 1/5 of the protein is actually used in the body. The rest is used by the body as waste (and extra calories). FORTAGEN supplies the body with nearly 100% of amino acids that are used for synthesizing and supplying the body with protein. This means FORTAGEN gives you the highest protein nutritional value in the world. I just started using FORTAGEN and I will blog about it throughout the upcoming weeks to document my continued strength gains.

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