Is X3 for Females? My Girlfriend Tries It!

My girlfriend works out a few times a week. She’s unable to commit to following the 12 Week Program like me. However, she was curious if X3 is for females and if she can do a workout once a week with me. I’m sure many women want to know if X3 is for females.

Cellulite can be eliminated by training the hamstring muscle. Many women are not happy with their legs and butt because of cellulite. X3 puts incredible forces through the back of leg to tighten skin so the cellulite goes away.

X3 Bar will not only build sexier legs, but also will build a women’s physique throughout the whole body. Remember, females are estrogen dominant. Growing big muscles is largely reliant on hormones and require lots of testosterone. Women simply don’t have enough of that hormone in their bodies like men do to get “big”. Instead, females are more likely to get a more lean and fit body.

My girlfriend really enjoyed her first X3 workout and wants to do more sessions with me. I hope I can convince her to do the 12 Week Program. However, I understand that committing to a 12 week program of any sort may not be for everyone. I told her to at least commit to 1-2 X3 workouts a week with her typical dancing and weight routine (since she really enjoys those activities). She should see even better improvement with her physique!

She particularly liked the deadlifts because of the extra emphasis on the glutes and hamstrings compared to what a traditional deadlift provides. She liked how there was so much less tension on her back and she felt less pain in the joints.


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