Week 1 in Review

I’ve completed my first week of the X3 12 Week Program.

Here’s my Week 1 Review and Recap:

1) Way more muscle stimulation – X3 trains you in all the ranges of motion. I try to perform 15 reps when doing full reps and try to hit 6-8 reps for the mid-range and short range. However, my muscles lose strength quick, especially when I get to the mid range and then I die out on the short range. I could only do a couple reps, although I’d like to get more. My goal would be to perform 15 reps for all ranges of motion per exercise.

2) Less joint pain – I feel much less stress on my joints. I have had a range of injuries in the past, such as a torn labrum in my shoulder or a herniated disc in my back. Training with free weights have never helped these injuries. I feel that they made it worse over the years. However, when I train with X3, I literally feel no pressure or pain in the joints or bones. 

3) Way more time – All I need is 10 minutes a day. In the past, it would take me 2+ hours between driving to the gym, performing my workout, and driving back home. I do X3 in my home or at my office. I actually feel more of a workout in those 10 minutes than I would during a full hour with weights or other workouts.

The only drawback that I experienced with the training is the bands would sometimes get tangled when I set them under the platform. In addition, the tricep press was hard to get used to and perform at first but that’s just because I’m not fully used to the X3 yet. I am sure it will come way easier over time. 

Overall, I am extremely happy with my first week of results and I am excited for the next weeks!

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