X3 Training Video

Thursday’s X3 workout was intense! I am definitely feeling stronger than usual. Check out my training video.

Today, I did Chest Press (for chest), Overhead Press (for shoulders), Tricep Press (for triceps), and Squats (for legs).

I’m noticing quick strength gains, specifically in my chest and shoulders. I’ve increased to the heavier band. I plan to increase the band for squats and tricep since I am now hitting more reps for those exercises.

As instructed, I always start with a full range of motion. As I fatigue, I then do the mid range and end with the weaker range. That is complete failure!

As I mentioned in the past, I was a little uncomfortable doing squats when I first started using X3Bar. Now, the exercise is much easier to perform. I simply rest the bar on my shoulders; it reminds me of a barbell front squat motion.

I used to think there was no better exercise than the barbell squat. However, it really put extra pressure on my back. With X3, I don’t feel any discomfort with my joints and I am able to push my body to the limit.

One more workout to go and then I start week 5!

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